Ref No. 1138
Title Quantifying the scale of livestock yield gaps in India and identifying opportunities for investment
Abstract Summary

Yield gap analyses compare actual and potential yields and are used to provide insights into where and how agricultural production can be increased. Yield gaps are often reported for crops, but are seldom used for mixed crop and livestock production systems. Using dairy production in India as a case study, we combined two different methods (analysis of reported yields and household modelling) to estimate the scale of livestock yield gaps and to identify opportunities to increase production. The biggest increase in milk production and profits came from combining improved livestock genetics with better nutrition. This information can be used by government and development agencies to define reasonable production targets and intervention strategies.

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Presenter Details Dr Di Mayberry
Authors and Author Affiliations

D Mayberry 1, D Prestwidge 2, C Godde 1, A Ash 1, M Blummel 3, Y Ramana Reddy 4, M Herrero 1
1 CSIRO Agriculture, 306 Carmody Rd, St Lucia Qld 4067
2 CSIRO Land and Water, 41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park Qld 4102
3 International Livestock Research Institute, PO Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4 Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati, India