Activities & benefits

Through its branches and its national conference and publications, ASAP provides both formal and informal structures and opportunities for producers and professional agriculturalists to meet and learn from each other.

ASAP’s unique, inclusive approach, allows everyone involved in animal production the opportunity to present their ideas and do their bit to foster both the broader and specific interests and development of livestock-based agriculture.

At the national level, the Society’s Biennial Conference provides an excellent opportunity for members to meet, exchange information and ideas and discuss the very latest advances from the world of animal science and production. At branch level, meetings are convened at regular intervals to discuss topics of local or national interest and to provide a forum for members to raise matters of importance in animal production.

The Benefits of ASAP Membership

As an individual

For individuals, ASAP provides a unique meeting ground and forum, both at the local and national level, to meet with others interested and involved in animal production, to learn about, present and exchange latest information and to discuss and develop ways of promoting industry development and scientific endeavour.

ASAP also provides members with an ideal way of making new animal industry contacts and establish networks which can help open up vocational and business development opportunities.

As a company or organisation

Members of ASAP are influential industry leaders operating across the full spectrum of commercial (production and supply-side), scientific and educational endeavour. Among the best ways for your company or organisation to keep close to and take advantage of members’ contacts and influence is to join their network as a ‘Sustaining’ (corporate) member of ASAP.

By becoming corporately involved with ASAP, you and your company will be ideally positioned to make a meaningful contribution to the on-going and future health and success of animal production in Australia. You will be also well placed to extend your influence from the highest echelons of industry research and development through to leading livestock industry producers.