Proceedings of the 28th Biennial Conference

University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales

11 - 15 July 2010

This page contains the titles, authors and page numbers of the papers presented at the conference and published in Animal Production in Australia. The page numbers are links to PDF files which will be downloaded when the links are clicked. The table of contents and authors index are included. Abstracts of the invited and contributed papers that were published in the special issues of Animal Production Science are also provided, gathered into one file.

Abstracts of Papers in Animal Production Science

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Papers and Short Communications in Animal Production in Australia

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The Future for National Coordination and Funding of Red Meat Production R&D1
I.D. Johnsson 
Winter Response of Weaned Beef Calves to Self-fed Supplementation on Native Pastures5
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, M. Blasina, A. Pineirua and M. Renau 
The Impact of Winter Calf Feedlot Management on Spring Grazing Performance 6
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, J.C. Elizalde, D. Cortazzo and G. Viera 
Genetic Variations in Some Reproductive Traits of Egyptian Buffaloes7
A.A. Amin and F.S. Alhur 
Pre-weaning Growth Rates of Early and Late Castrates, Entire and Short Scrotum Bos indicus Male Cattle in Northern Australia8
S.A. Wainewright, A.J. Parker, H. Zerby and L.A. Fitzpatrick 
Growth of Young and Mature Cattle Fed Ryegrass Haylage or Concentrate Based Diets9
C.H. Pham, S.P. Quigley, P. Isherwood, S.R. McLennan and D.P. Poppi 
The Effect of the Steam Condition (Low Temperature) and Acid on the Nutritive Value of Sugarcane Pith10
M. Chaji and T. Mohammadabadi  
Effectiveness of the Provision of Extension Services for Small-holder Dairy Farmers in Two Regions of the Punjab in Pakistan11
S.S. Khan, H.M. Warriach, D.M. McGill, R.D. Bush and P.C. Wynn 
Observations on Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) Reproduction in Timor-Leste12
M. Tavares, A. de Almeida, V. Barganca, C. Latino and R.S Copland 
The Economic Benefits of Improved Calf Survival and Growth Through Supplementing Bali Cattle Calves (Bos sondaicus) in West Timor Villages, Indonesia13
J.G. Sogen, A.A. Nalle, F.L. Benu and R.S. Copland 
Post Weaning Effects of Supplementing Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) Calves Prior to Weaning in Villages of West Timor, Indonesia14
M.L. Mullik, I.G.N. Jelantik and R.S. Copland 
Determining the Parity of Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) Cows in West Timor, Indonesia Based on the Number of Horn Growth Rings15
J.A. Jermias, I.G.N. Jelantik, C.L.O. Leo Penu, I. Benu and R.S. Copland 
The Effects of Supplementing Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) Calves prior to Weaning on the Subsequent Reproduction of their Dams16
H.L. Belli, P. Kune, I. Benu and R.S. Copland 
Post Mortem Observations on Beef ph and Temperature in Timor-Leste17
Brigida A. Correia, A. de Almeida, M. da Cruz, J. Americo and R.S. Copland 
The Perceptions of Farmers Concerning Strategies to Supplement Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) Calves Prior to Weaning in West Timor Villages, Indonesia18
J.A. Jermias, I.G.N. Jelantik, M.L. Mullik, C.L. Leo-Penu, I. Benu and R.S. Copland 
Body Weight Loss of Bali Cattle (Bos sondaicus) During Transport from West Timor to Jakarta, Indonesia 19
C.L.O. Leo Penu, A.J. Jeremias, D.R. Tulle, I.G.N. Jelantik and R.S. Copland 
Doing More With Less - The Challenges and Changing Landscape of Research, Development and Extension and The Role of Australia's Rural Research and Development Corporations20
A.A.C. Hobson 
Animal Science education in Australia - current situation and future needs Are current training and education programs appropriate for the animal industry needs over the next 10-15 years?24
P.I. Hynd and S.J. Hazel 
A Case Study of Bull Beef Profitability From a Northern Australian Production System32
S.A. Wainewright, A.J. Parker, W.E. Holmes, H. Zerby, L.A. Fitzpatrick 
Compliance to Carcase Specifications by Grain Finished Angus, European and Wagyu X Steers Given Different Backgrounding Treatments33
W.A. McKiernan, J.F. Wilkins and B.L. Davies 
Gross Morphology of Jejunal Peyer's Patches and the Relationship Between Increasing Numbers and Diarrhoea in Dairy Calves34
C.A. Kentler, C. Guzman and T.L. Frankel 
Effect of Rumen Protected Choline Supplementation on Milk Production and Compos-ition of Lactating Friesian Cows35
M.K. Mohsen, H.M.A. Gaafar, M.M. Khalafalah, A.A. Shitta and A.M. Yousif 
Effect of Fibrolytic Enzyme Supplementation and Fibre Content of Total Mixed Ration on Productive Performance of Lactating Buffaloes36
H.M.A. Gaafar, E.M. Abdel-Raouf and K.F.A. El-Reidy 
The Relationship Between Ambient Temperature and Thyroid Hormones Level in Dallagh Ewes During Spring Season37
S.R. Hassani, Y. Jafari Ahangari, F. Moslemipur and M. Ahmadi Hamedani 
Evaluation of Synthetic Colostrum Supplement on Performance, Health and Immune Parameters in Newborn Holstein Calves38
F. Moslemipur, N.M. Torbatinejad, R. Ghorbani, S. Hassani and H.R. Rahmani 
The Effect of "Kiwi Fruit Solution" on the Tenderness of Beef Topside39
E.S. Toohey, M.J. Kerr, R. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins 
The Effect of "Kiwi Fruit Solution" on colour stability of beef topside40
E.S. Toohey, M.J. Kerr, R. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins 
Relationship Between CT-Scanned and Dissected Subcutaneous and Intermuscular Fat41
J.P. Siddell, B.J. Walmsley, W.H. Johns, P.L. Greenwood, and M.J. McPhee 
Concentrate Finishing Affects Muscle Trans-18:1 and CLA Profile of Grass Fed Steers42
N. Aldai, M.E.R. Dugan, J.K.G. Kramer, A.V. Klieve, A. Martínez and K. Osoro 
Effect of Rigor Temperature on Purge and Colour of Beef Loin Using the Filter Paper Method to Measure Purge43
A.N. Naththarampatha, R.D. Warner, R.H. Jacob, D.T. Beatty and M.G. Kerr 
Vitamin E Content of Meat from Lambs Grazing Perennial or Annual Pasture with Supplementary Rations Containing Linseed44
V.F. Burnett, G.R. Seymour, S. Norng and E. Ponnampalam 
In Vitro Degradability of Sugarcane Top Treated with Exogenous Enzyme or Sodium Hydroxide45
T. Mohammadabadi and M. Chaji 
The Effect of Smart Stretch Technology on the Tenderness of Beef Topside46
E.S. Toohey, M.J. Kerr, R. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins 
The Effect of Smart Stretch Technology on the Tenderness of Beef Cube Roll47
E.S. Toohey, M.J. Kerr, R. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins 
Association Between Eating Quality and Intramuscular Fat in Angus, European and Wagyu Cross Steers48
J.F. Wilkins, W.A. McKiernan, J. Irwin, S.A. Barwick and B. Orchard 
Computer Tomography Software Program Osirix Aids Prediction of Sheep Body Composition 49
F.E.M. Haynes, P.L. Greenwood, J.P. Siddell, M.B. McDonagh and V.H. Oddy 
Molecular Value Predictions: Associations With Beef Tenderness in Brahman Cattle50
P.L. Greenwood, L.M. Cafe, B.L. McIntyre, D.L. Robinson, G.H. Geesink, D.W. Pethick and J.M. Thompson 
Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing the Levels of EPA Plus DHA in Lamb Meat in a Study Encompassing Most Sires and Finishing Systems in Australia51
S.M. Kitessa, E.N. Ponnampalam, K.L. Butler, P. Young, G. Smith, M. Harvey, R. Jacob, K. Pearce, A.J. Williams, M. Boyce, D.W. Pethick, D.L. Hopkins, R. Withers, and G. Geesink  
The Effect of Treatment of Cocoa-pods with Aspergillus niger on Intake and Liveweight Gain of Bali (Bos sondaicus) Cattle in South East Sulawesi52
T. Saili, none Marsetyo, D.P. Poppi, P. Isherwood, L. Nafiu and S.P. Quigley 
Lamb Growth Rates From Native Pastures in North East Victoria 53
L.L. Slocombe, M.L. Mitchell, F.W. Dempsey, K. Wilson and S. Norng 
The Profitability of Grazing Crop Stubbles May Be Over-Estimated by Using the Metabolisable Energy Intake From the Stubble?54
D.T. Thomas, A.D. Moore and M.J. Robertson 
Rumen Degradability of Tropical Pasture Leaf in Cattle Grazing Difference Pasture Types55
M.K. Bowen, D.P. Poppi and S.R. McLennan 
Total Lipid and Fatty Acid Profiles in Fresh and Ensiled Forages Grown in Australia56
E.H. Clayton, P.C. Wynn, R.J. Mailer and J.W. Piltz 
Rumen Degradability of a Tropical Grass Hay in Cattle Grazing Different Pasture Types57
M.K. Bowen, D.P. Poppi and S.R. McLennan 
Future Research Priorities For Animal Production in a Changing World58
N.D. Scollan, P.L. Greenwood, C.J. Newbold, D.R. Yanez Ruiz, K.J. Shingfield, R.J. Wallace and J.F. Hocquette 
Substitution of Fructose For Grain Decreases Ruminal pH in an Induced Acidosis Protocol59
H.M. Golder, I.J. Lean, A.R. Rabiee, E. Bramley, D.W. Miller and P. Celi 
Selection of Merino Ewes on Reproductive Performance by Producers in Southern Australia60
M. Curnow, A. Thompson and K. Curtis 
Chemical Composition and In Vitro Degradability of Various Algae Species and Protein Supplements Commonly Fed to Ruminants61
D.F.A. Costa, P.I. Isherwood, S.P. Quigley, S.R. McLennan and D.P. Poppi 
How Often Do We Need to Measure Methane Production in Ruminants to Establish Robust Phenotype?62
David S. Lines, John P. Goopy and John V. Nolan 
Between Animal Variance in Ruminal Bacteria and Protozoal Communities from DGGE Profiles of Steers on a Low Quality Forage Diet63
E.D. Martinez, A.V. Klieve, D. Ouwerkerk, T. Swain, L.M. Gulino, K. Turnbull and D.P. Poppi 
Peptide Utilisation of the Novel Fluoroacetate-Degrading Ruminal Bacterium 64
L.E.X. Leong, S.E. Denman, C.K. Davis, T. Huber and C.S. McSweeney 
Changes in the Rumen Bacterial Community in Steers Fed with Supplemented Tropical Pasture65
K.J. Harper, A.V. Klieve, T. Panjaitan, D.P. Poppi and D. Ouwerkerk 
Effects of n-3 Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (n-3 HUFA ) on Haematocrit and Plasma Biochemical Parameters in Juvenile Beluga (Huso huso) 66
R. Asadi, M.R. Imanpoor and B. Dastar  
Eremophila glabra and Kennedia prorepens reduce methane emission from Medicago sativa in vitro67
X.X. Li, Z. Durmic, S.M. Liu and P.E. Vercoe 
Isolation of Viruses For Bio-Control of Methanogenic Archaea From the Rumen68
R.A. Gilbert, D. Ouwerkerk and A.V. Klieve 
Evaluation of Guar Meal Replacement Potential Instead of Some Conventional Meals for Feedlot Lambs69
M. Mahdavi, N.M. Torbatinejad, F. Moslemipur and R. Samiei 
Rumen Digestibility of Mulato II Hybrid and Rice Straw For Cattle Feeding In Cambodia70
Seng Mom, Mob Serey, Kong Samnang, Kong Sothea, Sar Chetra, D.B. Savage and J.V. Nolan 
A Framework to Design, Measure and Manage Effective RD&E Projects and Services71
R.A. Clark, G.R. Griffith, C. Mulholland and J. Timms 
Innovation development and adoption within broad acre Farming Systems72
S. Glyde 
Integrated Parasite Management Reduces the Cost of Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes of Sheep on the Northern Tablelands of NSW73
G. Kelly, L. Kahn and S. Walkden-Brown 
Integrated Parasite Management of Sheep. National overview of the need, available tools and the fit with industry74
J. Schroder 
Timing of water application regulates development of Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus colubriformis.76
S. Khadijah, L.P. Kahn, S.W. Walkden-Brown, J.N. Bailey and S. Bowers 
Comparison of Programs For the Control of Blowfly-Strike in Mulesed and Un-Mulesed Merino Sheep in South-Eastern Australia77
J.W.A. Larsen, N. Anderson and L.D. Tyrell 
Selenium Supplementation Increases Wool Growth and Reduces Faecal Egg Counts of Merino Weaners in a Selenium Deficient Area78
Pietro Celi, Jeff Eppleston, Annabel Armstrong and Bruce Watt 
An Innovative Professional Development Program For the Animal and Veterinary Bioscience Degree at The University Of Sydney79
R.D. Bush and L. Ashley 
Effect of Nitrate on Variability of Methane Production in Sheep Fed Every 2 Hours80
R.C. Dobos, R.S. Hegarty and J.V. Nolan 
Use of Supplementary Nitrate to Mitigate Methane Production and Provide Rumen Degradable N For Ruminants?81
J.V. Nolan, R.S. Hegarty, J. Hegarty, I.R. Godwin and R. Woodgate 
Performance, Carcass Yield and Muscle Omega-3 Fat Content of Lambs Grazing Perennial Pasture or Annual Pasture with Supplements during Autumn82
E.N. Ponnampalam, V.F. Burnett, S. Norng and J. Jacobs 
Monthly Changes in Morphology of Spermatozoa in Zel Rams83
Y. Jafari Ahangari and M. Ahmadi Hamedani 
A 'pied-piper' system of encapturing sheep for condition score monitoring84
M.W. Hyder and A.P. McFarland 
Border Leicester x Merino Dams Lose Fewer Lambs to Starvation than Merino Dams85
E. Le Floch, G. Refshauge, R. van de Ven, J.E. Morgan and D.L. Hopkins 
Oedema in Dead Lambs Increases with Birth Weight and Differs Markedly Between Years86
V. Vazquez Lanchas, G. Refshauge, R. van de Ven, J.E. Morgan and D.L. Hopkins 
Validation of Pedigree MatchMaker Using DNA profiling87
J.E. Court, D. Collins and G. McLarty 
Effect of Various Concentrations of Egg Yolk on Dallagh Ram Semen Characteristics at 5oC88
Y. Jafari Ahangari M. Ahmadi Hamedani and S.R. Hassani 
A Study on The Freezing of Dallagh Ram Semen Using Various Levels of Glycerol89
Y. Jafari Ahangari and M. Ahmadi Hamedani 
The Effects of Spaying, Androstenedione Vaccination and Repeated Sampling of Blood on the Plasma Progesterone of Brahman Heifers90
M.L. Carr, A.J. Swain, G. Fordyce and O. Kravchuk 
Genetic Markers for Bovine Tuberculosis in African Zebu Cattle91
A.A. Ali, H.N. Kadarmideen, P.C. Thomson, B. Muller and J. Zinsstag  
Maternal Nutrition of Beef Cattle at Pasture Mediates Long-Term Consequences For Offspring Primarily Through Effects on Growth Early in Life92
P.L. Greenwood, D.L. Robinson and L.M. Cafe 
The Impact of Divergent Selection For Post-Weaning Residual Feed Intake on Puberty93
K. Donoghue, J. Wilkins, P. Arthur, K. Dibley and D. Mula 
Feeding High Omega-3 Diets to Crossbred Ewes: Effect on Time to Oestrus94
C.E. Gulliver, M.A. Friend, B.J. King, S.M. Robertson and E.H. Clayton 
Environmental Enrichment for Free Range Laying Hens-Does it Reduce Feather Pecking under Australian Conditions?95
P.C. Glatz, B.K. Rodda, E.A. Borland, S. Hazel, H.J. Rimmington, S.C. Wyatt and Z.H. Miao 
Body Temperature Changes in Lambs in Response to Pre-Slaughter Procedures96
W.G. Brown, R.D. Warner, D. Pighin, A.D. Fisher, D.M. Ferguson, M.G. Kerr, A.N. Naththarampatha and G. Seymour 
Provision of an Edible Shelter did not Increase the Survival of Twin Lambs Born to Merino Ewes During Winter in Western Australia97
S. Clune, S. Gherardi and D.A. Wood 
Effects of Zeolite Hydrocolloidal Silver Nanoparticles on the Performance and Serum Biochemical Parameters in Broiler During Experimental Aflatoxicosis98
Akram Shabani, Behruz Dastar, Morteza Khomeiri, Bahare Shabanpur and Saeid Hasani  
Effect of Nanozeolite in Feed Contaminated to Aflatoxin on Protein and Energy Utilization for Broiler Chickens99
Akram Shabani, Behruz Dastar, Morteza Khomeiri, Bahare Shabanpur and Saeid Hasani  
Short-term Lupin Feeding: Can it Decrease Ovulation Rate in Merino Ewes?100
C.E. Gulliver, M.A. Friend, S.M. Robertson, G.B. Martin, E.H. Clayton and B.J. King 
Correspondence Between Birth Weight and Causes of Death in Neonatal Lambs101
G. Refshauge, R. van de Ven, J.E. Morgan and D.L. Hopkins 
Suspect biogenic amine toxicity in an experimental broiler flock102
N.J. Rodgers, P.A. Iji, and B.A. Vanselow 
Effects of Extended Lactation on Milk Production and Milk Cortisol in the First Production Cycle103
E.C. Jongman 
Probability of Transition in Behaviour of Grazing Dairy Cows104
R.C. Dobos, W.J. Fulkerson and G.N. Hinch 
Categorising Heat Load on Dairy Cows105
J.B. Gaughan and J.C. Lees 
Efficacy of Selecting On-Farm For Reduced Piglet Mortality From Overlying in Farrowing Pens106
G.M. Cronin and N.K. Dhand 
Temperature, pH and Chemical Composition of Broiler Litter During Partial Composting107
A.F.M.F. Islam, S.K. Burgess, P. Easey, B. Wells, and S.W. Walkden-Brown 
Maternal Efficiency in Variable Nutritional Environments108
K.A. Donoghue, J.A. Accioly, F.M. Jones, K. Copping, M.P.B. Deland, M.L. Hebart, R.M. Herd, J. Graham and W.S. Pitchford 
GPS tracking, Are We Still Lost?109
D.L. Swain, M. Friend, G.J. Bishop-Hurley, R.N. Handcock and T. Wark 
Induction of Hypomagnesaesia in Lactating Dairy Cows With a High Grass Tetany Hazard Ratio Diet110
B. Avery, E.E. Dunne, M.J. Callaghan, S.A. Wainewright, L.J. Edwards and A.J. Parker 
Spectral Analysis of Dairy Cow Grazing Behaviour Patterns Relative to Sward Height111
R.C. Dobos, W.J. Fulkerson and G.N. Hinch 
Importance of Iron and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Lamb Consumers 112
T.A. Lamb, R. van de Ven and D.L. Hopkins 
Effect of Cone Type when Measuring Fresh Colour of Sheep Meat Using a Minolta Chroma Meter113
M.J. Kerr and D.L. Hopkins 
Muscle Haem Content and Colour are Affected by Age Category and Muscle Type, but not by Exsanguination Method, in Sheep Meat114
M.G. Kerr, S. Baud, R.D. Warner and A.N. Naththarampatha 
Tenderness of Meat from Extensively Raised Goats115
E.S. Toohey, T.A. Lamb and D.L. Hopkins 
Phosphorous Bioavailability: Is it Affected by Manufacturing Method?116
S.A. Wainewright, S.K. Weckert, L.L. Mikkelsen, A. Setia, M.C. Callaghan, L.J. Edwards and A.J. Parker 
Lamb Number Influences Potential for Ewe and Lamb Separation in Hessian Shelter117
J.C. Broster, R.L. Dehaan, D.L. Swain, B.J. King and M.A. Friend 
Lamb Number and Shelter Type Influence Ewe Movement at Lambing118
J.C. Broster, R. L. Dehaan, D. L. Swain, B.J. King and M. A. Friend 
The Use of Contact Loggers to Study Social and Oestrus Activity in Brahman and Composite Beef Heifers under Field Conditions119
C.J. O'Neill, S. Goodswen, T. Cador, N. Watson-Haigh, P. Williams and H.N. Kadarmideen 
Cattle Liveweight Estimation Using Machine Vision Assessment of Objective Body Measurements: First Results120
C. McCarthy, J. Billingsley, N. Finch, P. Murray and J. Gaughan 
The Effect of Clip Mulesing on Breech Wrinkle, Breech Cover and Dag Score of Merino and Crossbred Lambs121
R.J. Woodhouse, E.C. Jongman, J. Byron, K. Thomson, K.L. Butler and Ralph Behrendt  
Reducing the Impact of Cattle on Riparian Areas using Automated Animal Control Devices122
G.J. Bishop-Hurley, D.L. Swain, C. Crossman and P. Valencia 
Use of Proximity Loggers for the Detection of Oestrus Behaviour in Grazing Dairy Cows123
D.M. McNeill, G.J. Bishop-Hurley, L. Irvine and M. Freeman